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Clipquik Premium Extra Large Clipper Guard Combs

Keep your hair longer using clippers!

Our premium extra long clipper guide combs allow you to leave your hair 2.5 inches (#20), 2.25 inches (#18), 2 inches (#16), 1.75 inches (#14), 1.5 inches (#12), and 1.25 inches (#10) in length.

Packaged and shipped securely and presentably

These clipper guards are packaged in a strong box with foam to protect during shipping. The presentable box helps make for a great gift!

Premium Plastic and Reinforced Build

Clipquik Clipper Guards are made using high quality, hard plastic. The reinforced build design helps to further improve sturdiness for an even cut. The 7 teeth design helps to catch and guide hair effectively.

Superior Quality and Design

Our available sizes, quality material, upgraded design, and protective packaging make Clipquik Clipper Guards the right choice for your needs.

Highly Compatible

Clipquik Clipper Guards are designed to be compatible with many of the most popular and affordable clipper models available. These guards attach by "clipping on" to the back of the clipper blade. They do not "slide on." Fits clipper blades that are 1.5 inches long when measured from base to teeth and APPROX. 1.75 inches wide measured at the blade's teeth (Please view blade graphic included on compatibility chart.) Fits full size hair clippers. Will not fit smaller bladed beard trimmers, body groomers, etc. Please see compatibility chart for compatible models.

Attachment Method and Tips

Simply line up the clipper guide with the clipper blade and snap on OR lift up on the clipper guide's attachment tab. ( Please see above image)

To help all hair reach the clipper blade, position the clipper at different angles on head when cutting. This is most helpful with the 2.25" and 2.5". (Please see above image)

Multiple Larger Sizes For A Variety Of Hairstyles

These Clipquik clipper combs are perfect for anyone looking to combine longer length hair with the ease, convenience, and price of at home haircuts.

Great For The Whole Family

Whether it be for men, women, children, longer hair, shorter hair, or longer beards, Clipquik Clipper Guards get the job done. Great for at home cuts, barbershops and salons.


So glad I found these. Great sizes I couldn't find elsewhere and so sturdy especially compared to the other longer clipper guards I have used previously.


Thank you! Bought these for my husband and our son but liked the length so much I ended up using on myself for a shorter hairstyle. I think it looks great!


These things are STRONG and gave me a much needed haircut while still leaving some length up top. Ended up sending a couple sets to my family.